For Those Nagging Questions

I think I’ve found a bug in the Tapestry Tool.  How do I get support and/or report the bug?

We have a dedicated bug reporting form where you can submit a bug report and request assistance.

What makes a tapestry different from other online course content?

The Tapestry Tool allows instructors and students to share in the co-creation of course material via the creation of a ‘tapestry.’ Tapestries (see some examples) allow students to view and interact with content in a non-linear fashion and make visual connections across topics–affordances that are missing in other learning platforms.

Can I use the tool in my course?

Yes, please fill in the contact form and a member of our user engagement and/or development team(s) will contact you.

What support is available?

Tapestry is being developed as part of a UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. Our development team is happy to work with you to support your course, and our user engagement specialist can help you figure out how to assess the tool and user engagement. Please contact us to share your needs!

Help!  There is an issue loading the Tapestry!

We’re sorry that you are having difficulties. Please contact our support team.