Welcome to Tapestry Tool

Welcome to Tapestry Tool

Welcome to the Tapestry Tool newsletter! Here, you will find updates regarding the development of the tool, user experience research taking place, upcoming workshops and conferences, and much more!

The Tapestry Project

The Tapestry Tool was created to promote student-faculty co-creation of content, by allowing students to interact directly with course content, be it videos, pdfs, websites, etc. Content is presented in “nodes”, which an instructor or student can connect to other related nodes or add additional content to. This visualization of the course as a web of nodes, called a “tapestry”, provides a big-picture view of all the interrelated concepts. Tapestry thus allows for connection-building between a variety of content types, emphasizing course content as being part of an integrated whole, and increasing engagement with said content.

The tool has since evolved to be used in a variety of learning contexts. One can create course study materials (ex. mind-maps), integrate professional development modules, and develop curriculum maps — the possibilities are endless!

Our Team

A few members of our team, from left to right: Aidin Niavarani, Liam Armstrong, Melanie Butt

The Tapestry team consists of UBC faculty, staff, and students all dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for students and improving the teaching experience for instructors. Through a collaboration of skillsets and experiences, we have created a tool that caters to the needs of students and instructors at UBC and beyond, in educational and industry settings.

You can learn more about our team at: https://tapestry-tool.com/tapestry-team/

Use Cases

A variety of Tapestry use cases are available on the homepage of our website, showcasing the flexibility the tool allows for, given your learning context. Stay tuned as we continue to update this section of our site!


From the start of development, Tapestry has allowed for integration of H5P interactive content (https://h5p.org/). The H5P platform allows for the creation of dozens of interactive widgets: multiple-choice questions, 360-degree virtual tours, interactive videos, and much more. Through WordPress, Tapestry users can create and easily integrate these interactive widgets into their tapestries. To learn more, visit their website at https://h5p.org/.


Tapestry is funded via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund from UBC.

Try it Out

If you would like to try building your own tapestries, feel free to try our Sandbox site — more information is provided at: https://tapestry-tool.com/sandbox/.

If you are interested in having a Tapestry site set up for you, please fill out a form at https://tapestry-tool.com/contact/.

If you have any further questions or concerns, contact our support email at tapestry-support@psych.ubc.ca.

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