Tapestry v2.35.0-beta

Tapestry v2.35.0-beta

This version of Tapestry, released in October, includes many improvements to the authoring experience, bug fixes, and code improvements. Our releases have become less frequent, but include many more changes than before, focusing on stability of existing features and code refactoring.

New Features

Private nodes for everyone

  • Allow any authenticated user to add draft nodes (the “+” button now appears all the time)
  • Draft nodes are private, only visible to the user who creates them
  • Users with permission to add will now see a “Publish” button as well
  • Ensure nodes can be published if any neighbour is published

The ability to add private nodes is a feature that many users of Tapestry have requested and will benefit from. It allows users to add, view, edit, and create connections with their own content without the author of the tapestry having access to it. In the near future, users will be able to submit their private nodes for approval by the main author, and have their contributions added to the tapestry.

Some URL routes include:

  • /nodes/:id – Opens tapestry with the given id as the selected node
  • /nodes/:id/view – Opens the node for viewing in the lightbox
  • /nodes/:id/add – Opens the add node modal with id id
  • /nodes/:id/edit – Opens the edit node modal with id id
  • /nodes/:id/settings/:tab – Open the settings modal with the corresponding tab

Enhancements and Fixes

Duplicate, Import, and Export

  • Show a loading screen while doing export or duplicate
  • Export now includes WordPress site url and used to determine whether to keep user IDs on import

With the duplicate, import, and export features, users can make copies of tapestries, as well as move them across different sites. Improvements have been made to this process, particularly in relation to permissions. That is, permissions are stripped for users that don’t exist on the new site if the import is from a different site. And, a summary screen is shown after an import occurs to describe any changes that were made during this process.

Authoring Improvements

  • Visual improvements to the node modal (i.e., the authoring panel)
    • Hide description field by default
    • Group large sets of fields together visually
    • Make field labels and spacing consistent
  • Multiple bug fixes, such as:
    • Cannot select newly added nodes
    • control/cmd+A selection doesn’t work in lightbox and modals
    • Tapestry Depth setting showing incorrect max depth
    • Unable to add a root node on some new tapestries

Many of these bugs are caught by our developers and team members, but some are reported by users. It is one of our biggest priorities to fix these bugs to improve the Tapestry experience. That’s why we encourage users to report bugs at bug.tapestry-tool.com — much of our resources are devoted to quickly and efficiently making these fixes, and ensuring a more stable experience for future users of the tool.

Other Improvements

Various visual improvements were made, including adjusting embedded webpages to be full height and fixing borders for H5P content in accordions. Additionally, bug fixes were made to permissions, such as removing public users’ potential capability to add or edit nodes.

As always, multiple code and development improvements were made as well. You can take a look at the full release notes on Github: https://github.com/wynnset/tapestry-wp/releases/tag/v2.35.0-beta

If you notice any bugs, we would appreciate if you would report them at bug.tapestry-tool.com.

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