Tapestry v2.32.0-beta

Tapestry v2.32.0-beta

This version of Tapestry, released in September, emphasized huge code improvements. We completely rewrote the oldest part of our code, dealing with the nodes and links, to optimize a lot of behaviours going forward. Other noteworthy new features and enhancements include:

New Features

  • Sidebar: Show a sidebar to show node meta information when selecting a node
    • Currently, the sidebar displays: node title, description, license, and references

  • License and references: Allow authors to add a license and references for their content and display these in the new sidebar

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Browser check: If a user’s browser cannot run Tapestry, a message indicating this is shown to users
  • Reduce page refresh: We no longer require a refresh when certain settings are changed, or when a node is deleted
  • Improve animations: Animations are now smoother and more optimized, thanks to the new rewrite
  • Edit or add to any node: In the past, you had to first select a node to be able to edit it or add to it. Now you can do that on any node that is visible.

Many other small improvements and fixes were made as well. You can take a look at the full release notes on Github: https://github.com/wynnset/tapestry-wp/releases/tag/v2.32.0-beta

If you notice any bugs, we would appreciate if you would report them on bug.tapestry-tool.com

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