Tapestry v2.28.0-beta

Tapestry v2.28.0-beta

Some releases of Tapestry focus on newly created features, while others focus on making improvements to the current ones. This version of Tapestry, released in July, included many bug fixes and enhancements to the existing features, with a particular focus on improving the authoring experience. Enhancements included:

  • Adding support for non-video H5P content
    We have done further testing and fine-tuned our H5P integration to ensure you can use most of what H5P offers.

The H5P widget in the Tapestry Tool allows for the integration of a variety of different interactive content types into Tapestry nodes. Recently, we have prioritized enhancements to certain non-video H5P content types (such as Columns), as users have requested greater access and flexibility.

  • Authoring improvements
    There are a slew of new enhancements aimed at making the authoring experience less error-prone, such as:
    • Change external links to open in new tab by default (#541)
      • Add warning to let authors know their link might not be embeddable
    • Disable submit button when node is submitting (#614)
      • Prevent multiple nodes being created by accident
    • Show error message if file upload fails (#558)
  • Enable password-protected tapestries in WordPress
    You can now password-protect any tapestry from the WordPress interface without requiring users to log in

Additionally, we made stability and code improvements to ensure Tapestry works better than ever. You can take a look at the full release notes on Github: https://github.com/wynnset/tapestry-wp/releases/tag/v2.28.0-beta.

If you notice any bugs, we would appreciate if you would report them at bug.tapestry-tool.com.

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