Tapestry v2.27.0-beta

Tapestry v2.27.0-beta

The Tapestry development team has been hard at work developing new features that improve the authoring experience. The priority of this release has been to improve the video uploading process, allow for importing and exporting of tapestries, and enhance H5P widget integration.

New features in the Tapestry v2.27.0-beta release include:

  • Youtube support
    • Embed YouTube by simply pasting the URL as Video URL
    • Tapestry will automatically keep user’s YouTube settings (volume, captions, quality)

This new feature allows authors to add YouTube videos directly to their tapestry. Previously, authors had to create H5P interactive videos (https://h5p.org/interactive-video) in order to use YouTube content and would have to add captions to a video through the backend of the Tapestry tool. YouTube’s captions will play directly within Tapestry, and this new feature allows more seamless use of YouTube content.

  • Auto-calculate video length for all video types
    • Users are no longer required to enter a duration for videos
    • Tapestry automatically calculates and displays video duration
  • Import/export/duplicate a tapestry
    • You can now export a tapestry to a .JSON file that can then be imported into Tapestry
    • After adding a new tapestry, drag your file in to import it
    • You can also duplicate your tapestry with press of a button
    • Access these features under “Settings” (gear icon) > Advanced

With this feature, authors can start by creating outlines of tapestries, and duplicate them for use in different contexts. This could be useful for courses that follow similar structures or share content. Or, if instructors wish to have students contribute to a base tapestry, it can be duplicated and carried forward to the next iteration of the course, either including or not including those student contributions. Additionally, this could allow for sharing nodes amongst colleagues, allowing for seamless integration of the content directly in the Tapestry format.

  • Enhancements and Fixes
    • Security improvement: Do not return locked node content until the node is actually unlocked
    • Fit tapestry content viewer (lightbox) better on smaller screens
    • Fit H5P content better and remove any extra space
    • Bug fix: Hidden tooltips causing unexpected interaction with the UI

You can take a look at the full release notes on Github: https://github.com/wynnset/tapestry-wp/releases/tag/v2.27.0-beta.

If you notice any bugs, please feel free to report them on bug.tapestry-tool.com

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