About Tapestry

With online content becoming ubiquitous in many UBC courses, there is a need to reconsider how such content is created and how it might be better leveraged to improve learning outcomes. The present project proposes to build a new tool, called Tapestry (tapestry-tool.com), that will enable a novel development model for online course content: One that is learner-centered, constructivist, and emphasizes student-faculty co-creation and reusability. Tapestry will allow for the production of interactive, remixable, reusable, and extensible educational modules. In addition to Tapestry, we will also develop four interactive educational modules for use within Tapestry. Each module will deal with one aspect of living in a diverse world: (1) Intercultural Understanding; (2) Gender and Sexuality; (3) Indigenous Communities, and (4) Invisible Disabilities. Taken together, these major project outputs will encourage new modes of teaching and learning and also foster diverse and inclusive environments for UBC community members.


Tapestry is a 3-year Large Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (Large TLEF) project that is being carried out from 2018-2021.